Privacy policy

Commitment to personal information protection

Groupe Sani-Tech inc., EAD Design, and Archex (collectively referred to as "Sani-Tech" or "we" or "Archex") are committed to safeguarding the privacy, accuracy, and security of the personal information they hold. This policy outlines how Archex collects, uses, discloses, and protects the personal information of individuals who do business with them or work for Archex.

The term "personal information" refers to data about an identifiable individual or information that directly or indirectly identifies a person, such as name, postal or email address, age, gender, personal financial data, or identification numbers.

Archex is committed to collecting, using, and disclosing personal information responsibly, only within the consent given and to the extent necessary to conduct its business activities. Archex also strives to limit the amount of information collected about individuals or organizations to what is necessary for its business operations and for any other purposes defined in this policy.

Nature of personal information collected

Archex collects and processes various types of personal information in the normal course of its business, such as:

  • Contact details: name, postal or email address, and phone number;
  • Financial information.

The majority of this information is collected directly from the individual, but some may come from third parties.

Reasons for which Archex collects, uses, and discloses personnal information

A. General
Archex may collect, use, or disclose personal information to:

  • communicate with a client, supplier, or third party, provide services, and manage their file;
  • handle billing and accounting for services;
  • any other reason for which you have given consent;
  • any other reason permitted or required by applicable laws and regulations.

B. Personal Information Collected on the Website
Archex's internet servers automatically collect IP address, date and time of each website visit, pages viewed, documents downloaded, searches performed, and the URL used to access the site. This information is used for troubleshooting the websites and addressing operational issues.
Archex uses cookies to monitor traffic and usage on its site and related information about the site. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on the computer to allow the browser to remember certain data about a website. Most browsers automatically accept cookies but can be configured to refuse them or notify their presence. Cookies also serve to customize the interface to speed up navigation and make the user experience more efficient. Without cookies, these functions are not possible. When a user accesses a website, a cookie helps determine if it's their first visit. Archex uses cookies to understand the most used site functions by a user and recommend other similar functions to them.
Archex also uses Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads. Lastly, third-party providers may use cookies to serve advertisements to users visiting Archex's site. To opt out of personalized advertising from Google, visit the Google Ads Settings page.
No personal information is extracted from this process, and this data is not disclosed to any third parties.
By browsing Archex's site, the user consents to the collection, use, and disclosure of the information collected about them in accordance with this Personal Information Protection Policy or that they provide themselves on this site, such as their contact information when subscribing to a newsletter.
Certain pages of the site, such as the credit card payment page, may contain links to other sites. Archex cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of third parties and strongly recommends that the user read the privacy policy of these third parties before providing them with personal information.

Credit Card Payment
On the credit card payment page, the customer is asked to provide personal information such as their name, contact details, and payment data, which will be used to associate their online payment with the intended goods. This type of payment is processed by Shopify. Archex does not collect, retain, or access any credit card information provided to Shopify.

Permission for use of personal information

When someone provides personal information about another person to Archex, they declare that they have obtained prior authorization from that person for Archex to collect, use, and disclose their personal information for the purposes outlined in this policy.

Everyone has the choice to provide or not provide personal information to Archex. However, any request must be accompanied by certain information for Archex to process the request. Therefore, the individual authorizes Archex to collect and use this information and to disclose it to third parties. They also authorize Archex to use and retain the personal information for as long as necessary for the aforementioned purposes. This authorization remains in effect even after the end of the relationship with Archex, unless the individual revokes it in writing.

The law provides certain exceptions whereby Archex is not required to obtain authorization or explain its reasons for collecting, using, or disclosing personal information. These exceptions include emergency situations endangering a person's life, health, or safety. For a more exhaustive list of exceptions, contact the individual responsible for personal information protection mentioned below.

Apart from the exceptions provided by law, personal information is used solely for the purposes for which it was collected. If, for any reason, Archex needs to use or disclose personal information for a purpose other than the one originally established, it will take the necessary steps to obtain the authorization of the individual concerned.

Disclosure of personal information

In the course of its operations, Archex may need to disclose the collected personal information to other service providers or agents acting on its behalf. When Archex discloses personal information to third parties (for example, a technology service provider), it enters into agreements with these parties specifying the authorized uses and including a commitment from the third parties to provide a level of personal information protection comparable to that of Archex.

Archex does not sell, rent, or exchange customer lists or any other personal information.

Measures to protect personal information

Archex keeps personal information for each individual in a digital record. This record is stored in a adequately protected cloud infrastructure.
Archex employs all appropriate physical, electronic, and procedural measures to protect its systems and all personal information it holds against unauthorized use or access. All security measures are tailored to the level of confidentiality of the collected information.
The contracts that service providers and agents enter into with Archex include the obligation to protect the confidentiality of the information provided by customers and the prohibition of using this data for unauthorized purposes.
Employees are subject to stringent standards and policies to ensure that personal information is protected and handled with care and respect.
Archex takes all appropriate measures to protect personal information. However, there are inherent risks in exchanging or protecting data through any form of communication (electronic or otherwise), including the use of commercial or public software and services (often referred to as "cloud computing"). Any transmission of personal information may be intercepted, accidentally or intentionally, by third parties.
Our servers are located in Canada, but Archex may use software and commercial or public services hosted elsewhere to store, send, or process certain data. When data is stored outside Canada, law enforcement, governments, or foreign courts may have access to it.

Contact information for points of contacts

Anyone can contact Archex's Privacy Officer for more information regarding policies and procedures, to request access to specific personal information that Archex may hold about them, or for any questions or concerns. Archex reserves the right to request personal information from individuals to verify their identity.

Archex will respond promptly and make every effort to address the issues raised. However, it may not always be able to provide certain personal information, as the right to access information is not absolute. For example, it cannot provide information that would disclose personal information about another person or confidential business information. If it is not possible to provide the requested information, Archex will inform the individual in writing, explain why, and provide information on possible recourse.

Archex's Privacy Officer:
Guillaume Fournier, Chief Financial Officer
418 836-0616