Koala Kare Changing Table

Changing Tables: A Must in Public Restrooms

Today, comfort and accessibility are fundamental expectations for every consumer. As a business, it is important to align with these customer needs. Installing changing tables in commercial restrooms is not just an option, but a necessity. To guide you, the Archex team presents the benefits of integrating these tables into your commercial restrooms and explains why it is essential to have them in men's bathrooms.

Why Choose a Changing Table?

Comfort for Parents 

For parents with young children, finding a suitable place to change a diaper can be stressful. By equipping your restrooms with easily accessible and well-placed changing tables, you provide a practical and safe solution, reducing parents' anxiety and enhancing their experience during their visit. Thus, parents who benefit from such facilities in your establishment are more likely to return.

Enhancing Corporate Image

Equipping your commercial restroom with a changing table can significantly enhance your company's image. Establishments with changing tables are often perceived as more welcoming and attentive to the needs of families. This perception can not only strengthen customer loyalty but also attract a wider clientele looking for spaces that accommodate their family needs.

Improved Hygiene 

Installing changing tables in your commercial restrooms allows for more hygienic management of babies' needs, particularly by preventing diaper changes in inappropriate places. This improvement not only provides a practical and hygienic solution for parents but also helps maintain cleanliness and order throughout your facility, making the environment more pleasant for all customers.

The Reality of Changing Tables in Men's Restrooms

Nowadays, gender equality in parental responsibilities is increasingly recognized. Yet, it is not uncommon to find that men's restrooms in commercial spaces lack changing tables. This can put a father alone with his children in an uncomfortable and awkward situation. By installing changing tables in your men's restrooms, you not only support active father involvement in child care, but you also highlight their indispensable role in parenting. Additionally, by adopting facilities that meet modern expectations of gender equality, your business clearly demonstrates its commitment to progressive and inclusive values.


Equipping your commercial restrooms, whether for women or men, with changing tables is crucial for your establishment. This goes beyond merely accommodating your customers; it also shows a commitment to including all types of families. By installing these facilities, you not only improve the hygiene of your establishment but also enhance your reputation.

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